Braids are a great way of reinventing ones image, especially through winter and there a various braid options available to choose from.

Keeping in mind that like any hair extensions, one needs to look after the delicate hair underneath.

Here are some things to consider before and after braiding hair:

1. Always prepare hair before installing braids: Wash, condition and moisturise the hair. Make sure the hair is detangled from all knots prior.

2. Thinner braids put a strain on your natural hair. This isn’t to say that you can never wear thin braids, but if worn often they may lead to loss of hairline and thinning of natural hair.

3. Wearing braids for more than 6 weeks without touch-up can damage your natural hair as the hair tends to tangle, lock or become mat underneath. Washing braids also assists in detangling and prevents from infections.

4. Find the correct hair fiber type by answering a few questions: ” What type of look am I going for? Am I selecting the correct shade for my natural hair colour? Long, shot, straight or curly?  What kind of texture am I look for?” From there you will be able to determine the kind of hair texture.

5. Myth: Braids promote hair growth. Braids do not assist hair growth. Instead,  hair becomes fragile and when braids are styled too often, you run the risk of hair breakage. Make sure you do not style tight and pull too hard.


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