The provider offers two internet packages, these are PRE-PAID DATA and FLEXI DATA. Plans start from $25/month, it offers unlimited web, data, messaging and email included on all plans. Unlimited Africom to Africom calls at $10, and nationwide 3.5G Network. No Contract. No Compromise.

The Pre-paid data service the subscriber is free to choose the data bundle they want and recharge as to when and where they want to. This package is cost effective to use. It targets both individuals and corporate. Pre-paid voice is offered for on-net and off-net calls. Also available is the AC 30 Mobile Hot spot. This gives you to internet access anywhere and enables you to share your connection with up to 5 users.

The Flexi data service, the subscriber is free to choose the data bundle they want and recharge and recharge as and when they want to. From this package you also get IM and Presence.

Contact details

(04) 252117 / 18 / 19

VoIP Telephone:
08644105500 / 01 / 02 / 03



Tel.One is a government owned telecommunications service provider providing voice, internet and data services. Instant and permanent connection to the internet. Internet access is immediate. ADSL can be connected in one day. With Tel.One you have an option of data network and ADSL

ADSL packed on different bandwidth packages, the customer is free to choose the one that suits their environment depending on the number of users, online applications they run and a number of other factors.

Contact details

Cnr Main St/Leopold Takawira St.

Telephone: (09) 66161



YoAfrica offers free emails access anytime, has an anti-virus and anti-spam checking, free two months if paid annually, free month if paid for six months. You are always connected, save money if you combine the business and home packages. Mailboxes at no extra cost and a fully supported help desk. No 3G cards routers and networking equipment needed. It offers four internet options Home Wimax Broadband package, YoAfrica Business Services, Web hosting Services and Chilli Spot.

With Home Wimax Broadband Packages you use the internet whenever you need it with an always-on, affordable connection, with a further breakdown of costs to suit your budget.

With YoAfrica Business Service, a wide range of services solutions to business customers, large, medium and small. Tailor made bandwidth packages, with a range and mix of committed peak and information rates, service level agreements to ensure high availability services and rapid response to problems. These are a few of the services offered under this package b

With their Web Hosting Services they offer a world class and affordable Linux hosting with fast and reliable to all local and international networks, free joomla or wordpress installations in minutes and secure networks.

The Chilli Spot option allows you to roam anywhere between airports, hotels, B&B’s, coffe shops and many other Chilli-spot enabled venues. You pay for the data and not the time spent connected.

Contact details

132 Samuel Parirenyatwa Street,
Between 13 and 14th Avenues

Tel: +263 (9) 884421 Bulawayo



This provider offers tailor made solutions to best fit your business, life style and pocket. They offer five packages Open Access Sat, Open Access Maxx, Velocity SME, Velocity Corporate and Velocity Residential

The Open Access Sat is for the small office, home office and residential user. It has high speed broadband/wireless router allowing you internet access on your handheld devices or laptop.

With Open Access Maxx you get a WiMAX installation at your premises. This package comes with a broadband/wireless router that has a firewall. This is best for a small business with about ten users.

With Velocity SME you get a fibre optical cable installation and this unlimited package comes with a broadband/wireless router that has a fire wall. This is for a business with 5-20 users. With this package there are five different options for capped and uncapped options. * Free installations are given on condition that the customer pays for a 24 month contract and pays the annual price

Velocity Corporate offers a fibre optic based broadband internet and fixed telephony solution for corporates. It also offers leased line and VPN services for connecting multiple branches. This is designed for large businesses and corporations that require a Committed Information Rate (CIR). * Free installations are given on condition that the customer pays for a 24 month contract and pays the annual price

Velocity Residential is a package best suited for residential users with 3 or 4 internet devices. An installation of fibre optical cable in your home/small office is done and this comes with a broadband/wireless router that allows you to access the internet on your hand-held devices or laptop. . * Free installations are given on condition that the customer pays for a 24 month contract and pays the annual price

Contact details

114 George Silundika Avenue





All packages come with unlimited data downloads and uploads, affordable packages for an incomparable product and service quality. Quick and easy to install, with minimal disruption. Effective for all your home internet needs: downloading, streaming, browsing and more. This service comes with four package deals, Superfast Fibre, Unlimited Broadband, VSAT Packages, VoIP – Residential.

Superfast Fibre is the fastest in Zimbabwe because it uses fibre optical cables. You can stream high definition content, upload, record and listen to music. Download photos, movies, songs and large documents. Use Skype and VoIP and watch TV with IPTV. It also offers three packages to cater for varying budgets

Unlimited Broadband allows you to stream, watch, listen and download without limits. This has three payment packages to cater for different budgets.

VSAT package has a quick and easy setup and deployment, supports voice and data communications, extremely affordable solution with cost-control, There are no geographical barriers, connection is available anywhere, even in remote locations. Four options are available under this package to cater for differing budgets.

VoIP Residential, this allows low cost calls, fast connection and deployment, easy to use with web portal for self-care, no congestion calling.

Contact details

Room 208, 2nd Floor
Charter House



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