By Brighton Ncube-My Bulawayo news reporter

The minister  for primary and secondary education Dr Lazarus Dokora has taken the limelight once more and came up with a noble idea to the recent flooding the country as been experiencing. He has proposed that the schools which have been greatly affected by the heavy rains apply for vaction to compensate for time lost due to the flooding which has affected the school term.

The affected schools could apply for vacation schools and compensate for the lost lessons and time in the first terms of 2017.Amongst the areas greatly affected by flooding is the Tsholotsho area as well as Mberengwa district, were children could not cross flooded rivers and were forced to stay at home and loss out on their education.

“Each and every district has different ways of compensating for the time that has been lost due to the heavy rains the country is experiencing. Its common knowledge that many schools have lost time due to the flooding and they can apply for vacation school” said Dokora

“Many children have lost out on school time  as they have failed to cross flooded rivers , this has greatly affected education in the country and examination sitting classes are greatly affected” echoed one resident from Bulawayo

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