By Brighton Ncube-My Bulawayo News reporter

My Bulawayo had the opportunity to sit down with two young artists making waves in the city of Bulawayo with their music produced at Velocitie records under a music producer cum singer and composer Percy popular to many spheres as JustPercy(JP)The duo go by the name of Rrebatho Ncube and Chris Bokile Nyathi.

The young energetic boys have surpassed the odds and continue to produce great songs that have been receiving airplay at the local radio station Skyzmetro 100.3fm.My Bulawayo (MB) And DjRayznChris (RC) also known as “Intwana ezifresh”

MB;Tell us about RayznChris
RC;Dj Rayz is Rrebatho isiphile Russ Ncube Coming from the dusty streets of Nkulumane 12 and Chris Bokile Nyathi comes from Tshabalala.We so passionate about music that we decided to venture into making our our tracks and entertain people.We both 20 years old.

MB.What inspired ypu to venture into music?
RC; The inspiration comes from our passion within ourselves, I used to love making beats at a tender age and enjoyed entertaining people, the journey started at school when I was part of the guys who entertained the crowd during shows and I always envied other guys making it in the industry.We have made a track with Dj Mzoe called Summer fever which did well and currenlty we just finished recording another track called Jika which will be in everyone’s lips soon.

MB;Tell us about your education background
RC;Rayz is currently enrolled at National university of science and technology (NUST) 1st year and Chris is doing his advanced level.

MB. how and when did this music journey turn into a career for you guys?
RC;we started around 2016 mid year and we recorded our first track in August 2016 featuring DJ Mzoe at Velocitie records, the track was produced by Percy who has been a great pillar of strength and a great mentor in our music journey,We look up to him as youngsters in the music industry.

How it started its a long story, i met up with Chris when i was hanging with my friend, the friend of mine introduced me to Chris and when we saw that our goals and music vision was the same we decided to give it a try and form duo known as DjRayznChris.

MB;Tell us about the journey this far, how can it be described?
RC; If our journey was 100 000km we would say we have travelled 1km and left with 99999km. we still have a long way to go as far as music is concerned.

MB;describe your music in one word
MB;What are some of the challenges you have been through as artists hailing from the city of Bulawayo, many have complained about airplay, recognition in national platforms, what can you say now is a challenge looking at Bulawayo has its own radio station giving you guys platform as well the Bulawayo Arts Awards recognising your work.

RC; Yah we very glad about having a radio that can play our music but th main challenge for us as a duo has been in the area of finances, we have made decisions between choosing our education and music, we still at school and doing our music at the same time, we have managed to strike a balance between the two.

MB; What is your vision guys and where can we expect to see you guys in the next 5years?
RC; we cannot say where we see ourselves exactly because life is full of suprises its unpredictable, but all we can say is the is a brighter future for us as a duo.Our vision is to deliver more good music ,work with other local and international artists and grow in all aspects of life.

MB; What can you say to the youngsters out there who love your music and wish to be like you some day?
RC: it all begins with passion and the rest will follow. Again music is not a one day journey , its a journey travelled by the brave and it takes a lot of dedication,, Its a million miles, so you have to ask yourself,do you want to walk the journey and are you prepared?

MB; Any perfomances so far from RayznChris?
RC this year we haven’t performed but i can assure you they are coming and we promise our followers nothing but good music, we are here to stay.

MB;Thank you so much guys for taking time off your school work and music sessions all the best
RC;kubonga thina skh’lu sami.Thank you so much for your time as well.

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