Over the years a new groom of artists have been springing in the City of Kings. Among such is the multi-talented Xavier Do Couto, popularly known as OfishalXavier. But most of his fans recognise him from his short skits as naThulani.

The UK based maestro has been nominated for the African Entertainment Awards 2015 although he has only been in the industry for a few years. My Bulawayo recently caught up with the 25 year old muso who unpacked his journey in the music circles.

M.B: Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into music.
I am OfishalXavier, born in South Africa and raised in Zimbabwe and then moved to the U.K. I got into music in 2012, when I used to play around in the studio but I never released anything on my own. I also used work on some projects with my friend Xolan Nqo. We ended up coming up with a project, in my 25th hour. We were working in the studio and we just recorded wat was happening in our lives at the time. A crucial part of me believes in God. I believe that my destiny is up to God. I am a firm believer in GOD, I believe he closes and opens all doors for me.

M.B: Who were your influences?
I would say its legends, people that have been in the industry from the get go. I grew up listening to Brenda Fassie and a lot of gospel, Lundi and Rebecca Malope.
My current influences are the likes of Wiz Kid, Cassper Nyovest. It’s just a variety of musicians that inspire me with what I’m doing. I even had my brother Dot star, who helped me with my first single and supported me through the journey and assisted in getting started.

M.B: How long have you been doing this?
For about two to three years. There’s still quite a lot of work to do and in about two years we will be good enough, bearing in mind that we are still working on projects that are yet to be released.

M.B: Any artists that you have worked with and those that you would like to work with?

I have had two collaborations with Xolani Nqo, he gave me my first taste of what it’s like to work with someone when we started working on his album. We decided to combine into a group called Ofishal X. My other one is with artists featured on Check Your Balance (ft. Dotstar) is available for free on Sound Cloud and you can find the music video on YouTube So that has been interesting. I would also like to work with a couple of international stars, the likes of Drake, (abo) Beyoncé, Wiz Kid, Davido, and Mr Silver. The likes of Nicky Minaj, Cassper Nyovest, who just filled the Dome (South Africa, Coca Cola Dome) which is amazing and he is my friend. Not only is he a friend but he is someone I am inspired by.
M.B : You have only mentioned ‘foreign’ artists. Do you not like any or are you unfamiliar with any local artists?
There are quite a few people I would love to work with, Oliver Mtukudzi, I wonder what we could create with him. Jah Prayzah is also doing really well. There are a lot of people I admire. I also know of Calvin and have tried to support his stuff by show casing his talent over here to my audience. He has got a lot of respect and hopefully in the future we could potentially work together. I would love to work with a lot of Zimbabwean musicians that would like to work with me I am more than welcome.
M.B : How did you and Cassper become friends?
I met him in South Africa last year and we linked up again when he came for his 2015 UK tour. I sometimes ask for his advice and he responds with the right advice. The things that he is doing right now are just unheard of. Like I said, to me he is my inspiration and we have become good friends, we talk now and then.
M.B : Can you tell us about your companies, Fishtatainment and Tuskegee Ltd. What are they about?
Fishatainment was a company that I started with a few friends in 2010. It was meant to be a d.j empire, because that is what I was interested in at the time, at the time we used to focus on parties. Tuskegee Ltd is my brand management company. It was started by my managers and I to promote internationally based Southern African artists. The company is currently divided into three sections. These are finding and managing artists, promoting musical events and managing actors.
M.B: Tell us about OfishalXavier the comedian. What inspires your sketches?
To be honest, I don’t think I am funny so I won’t claim to be a comedian, and I can’t really pin point what inspires the sketches. I think it’s the day to day life. The experiences I have been through in life and things happening to other people.
M.B : How has your family reacted to your career choice, were they supportive?
I think they are still taking it in. Before it was different because I used to hide it, but now I am more or less free. But they are very supportive and I talk with them regularly. It’s only now that they understand and appreciate the journey that I am on.
M.B: How has being in England inspired your crafts?
It has made me very versatile; I have learnt a lot of skills. I may not have mastered all the skills I want to master. I have learnt a lot of things. Being out here is interesting because there is so much to learn from and so much to do and so much help, there are just a variety of things.
M.B: What can we expect from you in the future?
You can expect greatness; I want to take over the world. I want to make not just Zim proud, or S.A proud, not just England proud. I want to make the whole world proud. I am on a mission to make the world proud.
M.B: Any words of encouragement or wisdom to any up and coming artists.
The truth is, its sounds pretty simple, it’s said pretty simple, but it isn’t simple, it’s difficult than it seems. You have to work really hard and believe in yourself. You have to keep pushing, when one door closes another opens. It’s never the end of the world. Keep going, if you believe in something. You are your own destiny.
M.B: Thank you for taking time out of your schedule and we wish you the best in your endeavours
Thank you so much for your time, it’s been amazing, it’s been awesome, and I appreciate talking to you guys. Thank you for even approaching me and taking the time to talk to me.

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