The Bulawayo city council will this week roll out the 48hour water shedding programme. This is in line with a decline in the dam levels which are supplying the city. In a statement from the Bulawayo city council Senior Public relations Officer, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, she highlighted the causes of these 48hour water shedding and accredited them to the dwindling water levels which are supplying Bulawayo with water.

She alluded that the plight has been worsened by the bursting of the Mtshabezi pipeline, this led to more water being lost. Earlier the city council had proposed that there will be 24 hour water shedding which was scheduled to start in November.

“ The city of Bulawayo would like to advice residents of Bulawayo that due to a serious drop in water supplies from the six dams supplying the city, we will be going into a 48hour water shedding instead of a 24 hour water shedding. Again this situation has further worsened due to the bursting of the Mtshabezi Pipeline” Nesisa Mpofu.



The city` s water supply situation is now critical with Upper Ncema Dam already decommissioned and Inyankuni and Umzingwa-ne to follow in the next few weeks.

DAMS CAPACITY (m3 ) VOLUME (Million m3 % Full Insiza Mayfair 173 491 000 119 329 897 68.78

Inyankuni 80 781 000 4 878 650 6.00

Lower Ncema 18 237 700 9 325 450 51.13

Umzingwane 44 663 500 1 482 500 3.32

Upper Ncema 45 458 500 1 012 480 2.23

Total 362 631 700 135 998 977 37.50

It is therefore proposed that WATER SHEDDING be introduced immediately. During this time consumptions will be monitored closely. If no significant change is observed then tighter water shedding will have to be imposed thereafter. The water shedding should be implemented gradually to help enforce compliance among consumers and also to help save the little water resource


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