Ace accessories in 2016…The 7 must haves;
By Imelda Duduzile Moyo

Most women do not take accessories seriously, however accessories can take an outfit or look from drab to fab in an instant. However you have to have the right accessories to ace any outfit and make women turn green with envy. The 7 must have accessories are;
1. A statement necklace
Necklaces are very classy and a statement necklace will make any woman ooze confidence. The bigger the better and the more jewels the better. It is a statement necklace after all and you will look glamorous and so on trend.
2. A watch.
Never worry about the price, consider it an investment. You will always be on time and never be late any appointments and dates. You will not only look chic but classy as well.
3. Chandelier earrings
These beauties are timeless and they can be worn anywhere, just tie your hair into a bun or a pony tail and show them off. They will definitely turn heads.
4. A ladylike bag
For those that hate handbags, this year I challenge you to get a lady like bag, preferably a tote bag or a patent or bowler bags. These bags will start a lot of conversations and if you are looking to network, the bag will help you to talk to everyone. Put it on the table and let it work its magic.
5. Heels
Stilettoes may not be comfortable but they are a must have. Always start an outfit with shoes and then build up. Whether they are platform, point toe, peep toes, ankle straps, spoil yourself with any that rocks your boat and will help you to conquer the world.
6. A Purse
If you haven’t changed your purse since the new millennium, it would be ideal to change it this year. You should never be embarrassed to take out your purse and pay up with pride. Opt for an interesting one with interesting details.
7. Clutch bags
The best way to describe this bag is a hand’s best friend. The bigger, bolder, classy the better. You want to fit in everything in the bags, that is your lipstick, phone, power bank, wipes, powder and your wallet.
Go ahead and invest in these pieces and ace accessories in 2016.
Xoxo Imelda the Fashionista.

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