The city of Bulawayo taps are expected to run dry in the next coming few weeks. This comes at a time when the city dams are running low with water to supply the residents of Bulawayo. The chief cause of this has been largely the ELnino effect that has seen the country experiencing high temperatures and resulting in crop failure.

Speaking at the councillors meeting held every 1st Wednesday of the month at 16; 00 Engineer Simela emphasised the need for residents to use water wisely as the Ncema dam and Umzingwane dams which are supplying Bulawayo water capacity are dwindling. “It is important for residents to be patient as we will be introducing water rationing in the coming weeks so that the city has water as we wait for the rainy season”

Residents from Bulawayo have raised concerns on the sanitation of their families as water is a basic need for every individual and without water there is no life. Speaking to some residents in the city of Bulawayo, Nkosinathi Ndlovu from Cowdary Park raised concerns on the sanitation and hygiene for many people as some of the areas in the suburb are using one tap to save many households.” We are currently facing a problem of using one tap to get water for more than 5 households if water rationing starts how we are going to fill up and store water” explains the disappointed resident

“We pray that this year we receive rainfall and everything economically, socially will be taken care of “echoes Gogo Madube one of the residents in the city of Bulawayo.

The public is urged to conserve the little water that is there as every drop counts.



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