My Bulawayo managed to catch up with the ever busy Arthur Evans. He shed some light on his experiences growing up and how that helped him become the person that he is today. And hinted at projects that he is working on
MB: Who is Arthur Evans?
I am a driven and passionate man born on the 17th of May 1984 as the second child to Arthur and Clare Evans after my amazingly talented sister Lucia Evans who was born in October 1982.
I am the Financial Director of Technoexpert Construction (Pvt) Ltd as well as a seasoned presenter, MC, voice over artist and motivational speaker.
Primarily, I am a God fearing man and I love my two leading ladies – Lornah M. Evans, my incredible wife and Jessica E. Evans, my blessing and reason for it all, my daughter.
I love impacting people positively through positive interactions and respect everyone no matter their social standing, race and religion as everyone has a God given purpose on this planet that no one should discount.
MB: You have such a broad portfolio , what would you say is your true passion
My true passion is leadership. I love transforming situations and uplifting people so at the construction company and my other business I will seek to help people achieve… encourage them to strive beyond their current performance. It is this desire to change the atmosphere and make an impact that creates the backbone of my work, speaker.
MB: Tell us more about it
I was born an introvert and to this day I still like my alone/quiet time and I never saw myself where I am today. Yet since grade 7 when I became s prefect I have always been one to speak out to encourage and direct people. Today I translate this ability into public speaking/hosting events and TV productions. I do not stand and speak to a camera for recognition or behind a microphone for the attention but because I now that people will rely on me to uplift and manage their function well.
MB: Tell us about the SABC presenter search experience
Oh my goodness, what a roller coaster!!! It was television production at its highest level and I had never seen that before so I must admit it was somewhat intimidating, especially considering the thousands of people that auditioned. So finishing in the top 30 which is less than 1% of the people that auditioned for South Africa’s premier lifestyle programmes was and is an honour in itself.
I was not confident going in but my friends really encouraged me every day and that really helped a lot. Rubbing shoulders with some of SA’s best presenters and proving that I am not a chancer or someone that does it casually validates the 11years of hard work put into my presentation skills.
MB: Most people know you as a presenter , celebrity , tell us more about the business side of you
I first experienced business first hand through my mother who would ask me to prepare her banking for the shop that she used to run. I had also witnessed my father run his construction company and grow it from strength to strength. So with business minded and driven parents it’s no wonder I lack no amount of drive!
In 2004 I began working in my mothers shop and the following year I joined SPAR as a trainee manager. I joined the HR Training division and assisted my then boss, Mr. K. Heywood, to develop and train courses for the SPAR group ranging from customer service to retail management courses. My father then in 2007, after hearing about my progress asked me to join his construction company after not speaking to him for 10 years as my parents separated in 1997 and we never spoke since. I subsequently joined the company and was the drive behind taking the company through the turbulent crash of the Zimbabwean economy. My father continues in the business and has taught me most of what I know as a businessman. I also have another business and will be launching at least another two next year which I am very excited about!!!
MB: What drives you to be better?
I am my biggest but even more than that, I am my own biggest critic. My mother used to tell me before every sports day at school, “Just try your best.” If my best meant bringing the trophies, I did. I realised the power in that statement later on in life. You see you cannot do more than your best. If your best is better than other people’s best than great but you will only be able to do best. If your not doing your best then you are cheating no one else but yourself!
I have also reached the point in my life where I have people depending on me to succeed at what I do and therefore my best is what I have to put forward every single day of the week.
MB: How you are able to survive the economic hardships?
Discipline and efficiency are key but above all else it is relationships that have supported me. I’m humbled and happy that people look at the construction company that my father started 26 years ago and recognize that Technoexpert Construction always places quality first. In like manner as a speaker/presenter people look at me as one of the best. It is this confidence and belief in your ability and a healthy relationship that have made customers come back and for others to seek the services offered.
To any business struggling remember that hard times will always come but at all times be professional, efficient and provide a professional service that people are happy to pay for.
MB: Tell us about Arthur Evans the motivational speaker?
I have to blame that on Keith Heywood who saw the potential and as a renowned motivational speaker himself groomed me as one. In recent times I have not really pushed that aspect of me but that has begun to change with the ‘Elevate Me’ section on my website as well as my articles which will appear in the monthly online magazine called ‘Kwanthuthu Arts Magazine”. Subscribe to this magazine and you will find my work every month on
My heart is with the youth so the more platforms I can get to speak to the youth the happier I will be.
MB: You are a family man how do you balance both your career and home life?
My wife!!! She supports me so much and is the backbone of the home. Balancing everything is hard and I do have to say ‘no’ at times to requests. Keeping a diary and checking your progress on your targets helps me to achieve. I don’t like failing so I put pressure on myself to achieve. I have told my family that right now I need to work my socks off to expedite the creation of the future that we want.
MB: Tell us something we would be surprised to know about yourself
Well seeing as you never mentioned it in your questions… I used to model and in my first year of modelling I was in the top 5 of Zimbabwe’s premier modelling show – ‘Supermodel’.
I have appeared in numerous Edgars magazines and have modelled in many modelling/fashion shows. That was then….
Lastly, one that few know is that I was born with 6 fingers on my left hand.

arthor evans2
MB: You seem to have achieved so much, what else do you have in store for the coming years
The next years are all about building others through establishing myself and my business on greater platforms. I am believing in and pushing for new levels and starting in 2016 I hope that I will make Bulawayo and Zimbabwe proud of their son! So no details apart from…watch this space because things are happening.
MB: What is the biggest obstacle that you have overcome (both personal and business wise)?
Self doubt!!! What a paralyzing thought!!! It kept me away from doing so much more!!! I’m sure some people will identify with what I am saying…that deep seated doubt in yourself that even if people say that you can you still doubt more than you believe or act. Rising up to the plate and defeating that ‘I can’t’ mentality has liberated me to believe that I CAN, I MUST and I WILL!!!
MB: What have you gained as an individual over the past years that you can share with others?
I have learned to trust God with everything. I am also grateful that I have discovered my true purpose in life. I have accepted that I am not a perfect person and that I can make mistakes and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when I make them – ‘If you fall seven times, RISE EIGHT TIMES’ (Japanese proverb)
You may not be able to please everyone but you can RESPECT everyone. I have also learnt the difference between your name and who you actually are. There is a difference in saying that “My name is Arthur C. Evans” and declaring, believing and understanding that “I AM ARTHUR C. EVANS”
MB: Are you involved in any community projects?
This year I have not actively been involved in many projects but I have donated my services for a number of charitable initiatives. The five young men that I mentor are progressing well in their lives and careers and next year I hope to give back to society in a special way.
Soon the #YouACEdit will launch and the true meaning behind this tag will inspire people to achieve and share their achievements no matter how big or small using this tag.
MB: What would you say to anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Talent and drive are not the total ingredients but character and enough humility to learn from others. Remember that speaking before people, running businesses is a privilege and lives can be changed positively or negatively by you, your words and your actions. You will encounter tough times, criticism and victories but if your reasons are pure and your heart is in the right place then you will succeed and I hope that if you follow me, that you go further, do more and achieve more and if you think I can help then let me know. I am on facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. so just visit my website and send me an email.
Honesty is not only the best policy but it’s also the easiest. Lastly whoever reads this interview…NEVER NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!!! Your course of life may change but do not give up on yourself, you will make it and when you do I promise you it will be worth it!

Let’s make history…


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