M.B: Tell us, who is Rudo Nyoni?
Oh wow, because I believe in exploring this world we have been given and I am trying to live my life as best as I can. So there are so many facets to me. Rudo is a singer, a part time model, an accountant side, a real-estate side and the artist side.

M.B: So how do you juggle your schedule?
Well struggle with unexpected things that pop up and cause delay because I plan my week on Sunday and I try schedule everything I need to do during the week. But of course things do pop up during the week and I try fit it in. But I’m such a stickler especially when it comes to music because a lot of producers are very relaxed, for example you would have booked a certain time but they later ask you if you mind doing it the next hour or tomorrow, so its things like that, that really throw me off.

Tell us more about the music side are you currently working on any thing new?
Yes I am, I have been working on my album for the past six years, I have been working with groups, D.J’s and other producers. And I decided its time I also express myself. I’ve been working with a producer called Percy and we hoping we will be done by the end of this year, so we can start promoting it and it can be released in February next year. I’m also working with various artists from Bulawayo and Harare and I’m working with Skaiva regarding mixing and mastering.

M.B: What can we expect from you?
For this year I’m done with all my shows, was actually in Harare for a sister open mic event which is organised by Pamberi Trust. That was quite exciting. Before that I did a few church conferences and open mic events.
What genre would you say your album is going to be?
Its quite a mix. It is a mixture of R&B, contemporary, jazz and soulful country and house.

M.B: Tell us more about the modelling?
Now I’m really more back stage, I worked with Gilmore at the INTWASA Fashion Show. I enjoyed that a lot. Before that I worked with Mr and Mrs Polly, where I was basically grooming them, I took them for etiquette classes, just your basic modelling pro’s .

M.B: So modelling training is one of the things you do?
I’m currently trying to build a portfolio for myself, so with regards to the modelling if you are able to provide a space, I’m more than happy to come and train. Being able to teach someone else needs a lot of patience and a lot of love and passion.

M.B: So what is your true passion amongst all the things you do?
My true passion is music, I stumbled into modeling , it wasn’t planned. I had just finished high school and there was a cultural show that was called Isigodlo saMakhosi and I was one of the lead soloists for the show and they were like why don’t you just model as well. That’s how I got into modelling.

M.B: What about the real estate and accounting , how does that all fit in?
Accounting was really forced on me. I had plans of studying music or industrial psychology because I love working with people, but my parents insisted. So I did accounting science, at first I hated it because I felt it was way above my brain capacity. But surprisingly I managed and then graduated. I worked a few jobs in accounting but didn’t like it. Accountants are very straight, everything has its order, it was too stiff for me.
Then real estate, my father owns a real estate company so I joined his company about four years ago. I worked with them for two years then left to re-enter the accounting world , and I worked with some retail companies and some financial institutions. Then I realised that I’m turning 30 very soon and so I need to start living my life and doing what I want to do . So I basically quit my job and I sat down and decided what is it that I want to do , what do I want to achieve with my life.

M.B: Tell us more about your hit single
ˋITS LOVE´ is the name of the track. It’s funny because I never had a desire to venture into house because when I thought about house music I thought about DJ Cleo and all of those guys. Then Skaiva approached me with an instrumental. I wrote it, sang it, it was called ˋBREAK FREE´ then the second one is ˋITS LOVE´. I had no faith in that song, I was convinced that anyone who was going to listen to this song was going to know this was the second song I had done. So I was so shocked when people had a positive response to it. It had good play on ZiiFM and then the other radio stations picked it up. Then ZIMA contacted us to tell us we had been nominated. It’s only now where I’m starting to believe that it’s actually a great song.

M.B: Was the song dedicated to some one?
When I wrote the song, it was more thinking of someone in the future and what I would like to say to them. It was basically a prayer, me saying that there must be one good guy out there and that I know he out there because I’m praying for him.

Who would you say inspires you?
There are a lot of people who inspire me, especially international artists. Locally I would say Oliver Mutukudzi , what I love about him is that while he doesn’t have the most amazing voice, he still knows how to use it and it’s so real and raw. and the way he is able to come up with new sound with each album that takes a lot of art and dedication. I also love Dudu Manenga and Prudence those are people who when I listen to them and see them on stage , they just command the audience and I love and admire the confidence that they exude.

M.B: Who have you worked with with in Zimbabwe?
I worked with Takesure for quite a number of years because I was part of Worship Addicts. I’ve also worked with a guy called B.G he’s a vocal coach and a singer specializes in the SDA vocal choral I worked with him for a year, I worked in various genres from traditional Zimbabwean gospel. Normally I work alone, if I do collaborations is normally with instrumentalists .

M.B: So where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself having recorded a lot of albums, most importantly I see myself being a mentor to other younger musicians and artists, especially here in Bulawayo. I’m trying to organise a trust where we look for donations and sponsorship, partnerships and endorsements for local artists, in order to help build up their careers. Hoping this will be established by next year June. I realised that complaining about promoters will not get us anywhere at the end of the day. So I thought if I am struggling and have to start other businesses in order to invest into music, it means there are number of artists who are also facing the same thing. So why don’t we come together and help each other to build up our careers. I feel a lot of kids right now are so talented and know that they want to venture into music, but music takes money and there no one willing to invest in them.
I also see myself as a mother and a wife and I see myself having really established my hair business, ten years from now I would really love to be manufacturing it and not just importing.

M.B: Tell us more about your hair business ?
I recently ventured into the hair business, because I love its feel and texture. I import and then I sell and am currently focusing on Peruvian hair. People have this notion that it’s so expensive, so what I’ve done and what I continue to strive to do is find the best hair at the most affordable price. Instead of charging people 200 or 300 percent profit which I really do not understand I sell online. There are hair saloons where I do stock my products. My prices range from 90 dollars going up. I supply grade 6a

M.B: Where do you get the hair from?
I get it from china, I’m currently doing my research and finding out more about importing from Dubai because for me the main focus is quality.
You are definitely on your way to developing a brand, do you see yourself that way?
It’s been a long road, I really am I feel all of us have different aspects that make us unique and I am trying to establish a brand that basically says to all young women you don’t have to prostitute yourself or look for a rich boyfriend or husband in order to have nice things. I’m trying to show young girls that they just need to dream big and work hard. I really would like to get to a point where you can come into my store and choose your hair, make up and perfume and all these things. And then do something similar to Avon where I would empower young women by making them distributors. Because I hate seeing young beautiful women selling themselves short.

M.B: Are you involved in the community in any way?
At my former church I used to be the praise and worship leader and I used to mentor a lot of young girls, in and outside the church it wasn’t something I planned, it was something that just happened. Young girls would always come to me with different problems. There was a group called girls Bangerour /girls club. We worked together on an initiative started by the government to help girls get their driver’s license. An initiative I am also hoping to part of a new organizations initiative that will deal with the issues of abuse and teenage pregnancy. They will be opening in town soon n hope to be a part of that.

M.B: What would you say to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
I would say , I am who I am I’m not perfect , I would say Love that’s my motivating factor , I am motived by love my love for people my love for God . They would have to be willing to sacrifice a lot because when you love people so much , a lot of people are guarded and you would get a lot of resistance but you keep loving and focusing on what you’ve been called to do .

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