Wow, what a year it has been!! I’m I the only one that feels like time seriously flew by? I swear it was January a quick second ago and now we are already in December. Just like that, the year is over!

This week, I took some time to reflect on the year I have had and decided it was a great idea to do a little stock take:
What have I managed to achieve?
What I didn’t achieve and why?
Did I grow (emotionally, spiritually, mentally)?
Did I eat healthy and exercise more?
Was I a great friend?
Was a fashionable?
Do people like my blog and the work I’ve put in?

A lot of other questions I apparently didn’t have the answers to. Worst idea ever! I was driving myself nuts, unnecessarily, trying to figure out my year. But in the midst of all my crazy, I saw a light and had an epiphany! I COULD STILL CHOOSE HOW I WANTED TO WRAP UP 2015! So, I made a small list of Year End Resolutions! Yes, YEAR END RESOLUTIONS.

The reminder of 2015 is dedicated to the city of Royals (my fashion home). A city where the sky is the limit and boundaries are for losers. A city that took me in and moulded me into the fabulous fashion blogger you see today. A city that has always had a piece of my heart and soul. The city of Kings and Queens!

I’m ending this year LOUD, PROUD and FULL OF COLOUR! The way My Bulawayo taught me! I will not allow myself to lose steam and be discouraged by my ‘supposed’ failures. This is my time and I’m boldly shutting it down with a BIG BANG! I promise you, for 2015 (what’s left of it) I will be radiating confidence, breaking some rules, casually sophisticated, of course! Really just honouring and remembering my fashion heritage.

nyasha FASH dec 2

I’m going to continue hustling hard for my dreams, pushing for my passions, working on myself and perfecting my craft! By the time the 31st hits, I hope my work will be LOUD, PROUD and FULL OF COLOUR.

Let’s celebrate LIFE!
Let’s celebrate LOVE!
Let’s celebrate FASHION!
Let’s celebrate 2015!

Unfortunately, this is my last feature for MY Bulawayo but you can still catch me on the blog ( and social media. I have had so much fun sharing lessons I learnt in the city of Royals. Thank you all so much for embracing me yet again, giving me a platform to be myself and supporting my work! A very special THANK YOU to My Bulawayo Team . None of this would have been possible without them. I am incredibly humbled.

Signing out,

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