Zimbabwe electricity supply authority (ZESA) has come up with cash power meters which has seen electricity being bought online through different platforms. here are some ways one can purchase electricity online


So how does recharge work?

Using the service is simple enough. All you have to do is access the website recharge.co.zw then fill in the details(name, meter number) which will direct you to the Pay4App gateway. From there its pretty much a Pay4App process that most people have now had a chance of sampling for other online services.


The minimum purchase is $5 and there’s a $50 limit. All transactions up to $25 attract a $1 charge and from $26 to $50 there’s a $2 charge. These are service fees that come with the PAy4App gateway and are not attributed to the ZESA prepaid service specifically.

How was the work around developed?

When you approach the different super-sellers like ZB and CBZ to be your own re-seller you are given the option between having a web based seller interface which works with the swiping mechanism (think of sellers like OK), selling from a mobile wallet or through your bank account via a ZB application.

The recharge.co.zw solution wraps over ZB’s online interface to do the meter validation and the actual purchase, with Pay4App acting as gateway to the options like EcoCash, Telecash, Zimswitch and so forth.


SMS the following:
ZESA * amount * meter * name
replacing with your actual details
for example:
ZESA * 5 * 37132109846 * MOYO
send to 0772700990 & wait for reply to pay
message will have our EcoCash Merchant Code
minimum amount to purchase is $2, maximum $500 per transaction
name required is name on meter
or simply go online at www.pre-paid.co.zw


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