Many communities are stuggling to develop across the country and lag behind in terms of technological advancements. This has seen many people in these communities having less knowledge on anything happening in the society. Growing up in the dusty streets of Bulawayo, there are people who have tried projects in around Bulawayo to benefit the residents of the city. Here are some tips to uplift the community successfuly.


  1. Personality

You need the right personality and attitude to start an upliftment programme. You need to have the passion to care for others and the willingness to help people in need, no matter what obstacles come your way. Once you commit to helping your community, you commit to helping people that rely on you, so you can’t just give up when you feel you can’t do it anymore. A strong mind and dedication is a must.

  1. Support

You can’t start a project on your own. You need help from others that can support you in different ways, the more support you have the more you are able to help others in need.

  1. Transferring skills

For your upliftment programme to be a success it is important to transfer your skills to the people in your community so they able to become self-sustainable and then further help others,

  1. A great leader

If you want to help and empower others it’s important for your community to listen to and understand you and this means you need to be a great leader. To be a great leader means you need to invest in your programme and actively participate in the development and growth of the project.

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