By Brighton Ncube

Information , communication and technology (I.C.T) innovators  will be meeting in the city of Queens and Kings on the 14th of September  in a move to promote the use of technology amongst the youths and other various entities in Zimbabwe. The information , communication and technology (ICT) showcase is set to be held at holiday inn right in Bulawayo. this event comes at a time when the government is identifying ICT  programmes amongst the youth which will benefit and a project will be funded with $25 million.

This event is set to benefit many youths who are into information , communication and technology. the event is being organized by Postal and telecommunication regulatory authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). many youths and organizations who are part of Information, communication and technology are invited to this auspicious occasion , these may be from Bulawayo, Masvingo, Matebeleland North and other provinces. the event is set to start at 3pm.

according to the minister of ICT , courier and services Supa Mandiwanzira ” this could be a great initiative to as it will help the government to identify projects to be funded” he went on to urge youths to attend this event and participate in this great opportunity.

The project which will be funded by the government will be given marketing, finance and technical mentors to assists in their projects.” This will be a great opportunity for the Bulawayo youths who have complained amply time that they are not being recognized” alludes one Bulawayo Youth who is into Information, communication and technology.

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