By Brighton Ncube-My Bulawayo news Correspondant

Zanu Pf’s women ‘s league deputy secretary Eunice Sandi- Moyo has declared thst she is not moved and not going anywhere. Addressing journalists at her Bulawayo offices in Mhlahlandlela she highlighted that she is here to stay and was not distrated by speculations in the streets.

Members of the women’s league staged nationwide demonstrations against her leadership.The demonstrations were against Sandi-Moyo and secretary for Finance Sarah Mahoka on Wednesday. They are accussed of fanning tribalism , corruption, mismanagement and plotting to take over the leadership of the wing from the first lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe.

“what you saw on the television sets is a sign that there is someone somewhere who is trying to create tension between me and the first lady , i would like to tell that person that am not moved at all.If the president still wants me i will continue with my job” said an emotionally -charged Sandi-Moyo

Sandi Moyo who opened a Twitter account recently told media personnel who had gathered in her office to hear what she had to say.She told journalists that she has been part of the first lady team which went around all the provinces of Zimbabwe on a tour with the first lady hence she has no time to be fighting for positions.

” i am 70years now i dont have time and a reason to be hustling for positions , i believe i have done my part in the struggle and am happy and satisfied with what i have and where am at. If the president says i should go and rest , i will take it because i have played my part ” she added

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