Christian rap artist T-1NDA, with a passion to see this generation be a GOD fearing, loving and productive one, sets out to do that through his music. T-1NDA took time out of his busy schedule (he was preparing for his FREEDOM CONCERT ) to speak to us about his calling and what we can expect from him in the future

M.B: Can you give us a history about yourself and how did you get into music?
T-1NDA: Well I’m Tawanda Denga a.k.a T-1nda love GOD and a Bulawayo boy inside out. Went to Henry Low primary school and quite a few high schools but Milton is the one I consider as it defined me and helped me discover who I am
I always loved music enjoyed dancing to it and lip singing pretending I was Wacko Jacko. M.J. But wanted to do it when I got introduced to people like Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Busta Rhymes just to mention a few I got into music when I realised that I had a lot to say and that people sometimes actually listen to me…

M.B: Was it easy getting into the music industry, especially in Bulawayo ?
T-1NDA: No, and its hard especially with the kind of music I do. We are still trying to build the rap movement.

M.B: Rap is a difficult genres to introduce to this crowd , how would you say the crowd/audience is receiving you
T-1NDA: Well I would say they like the person T-1nda and are willing to support and grow to like the music. But the younger people love it

M.B: So you are still setting up T-1nda as a brand
T-1NDA: Yes, the brand is at its inception and growing it is the goal

M.B: Can you tell us a bit more about what will be happening on Friday
T-1NDA: Its Friday 30 October, this is the live band experience of the album. So I will be doing the tracks with a live band

M.B: That sounds like a lot of preparation is involved. Will you have any supporting acts ?
T-1NDA: Yeah a lot, two poets, Tinashe and Peter and all the vocalist who featured on the album.

M.B: Who else did you feature on your album ?
T-1NDA: Rudo Amo, Tha Cypha, Courtney Antipas, Dusty, Billman, Asaph, Farai and Luminous. Skeelz and Percy as well

M.B: So remind us again when your album dropped and where people can find it.
T-1NDA: The album is out already. It’s been out for three months. Dropped on the 24th of July this year. There are songs being played on radio and have done two videos from the album one is online and the other will be premiered on Friday if all goes well, and you can find me on iTunes.

M.B: So wat can we expect from you in the future ?
T-1NDA: I’m currently working on an EP Titled I Belong To JESUS. My friend and I are a duo called JESUS Sector which should be out in December. I am also part of a group called Man In Christ (M.i.C in short) we are currently working on an EP due for release next year

M.B: Any words to anyone who might want to follow in your footsteps ?
T-1NDA: Focus on the call not on the goal. Coz a call is greater than the goal and be passion driven not be on a Paper chase.

M.B: Thank you so much for your time, I know how busy you are with the preparations.
T-1NDA: It was a pleasure, hope you can make it to the concert and experience Freedom.

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