Investing your Income.
One income being able to sustain the whole family has become a thing of the past. Here are a few ideas on where you could invest your income.

There is a rise of car owners in Zimbabwe and fuel is in demand. Everyone is looking for affordable fuel and it’s a good time to be part of the fuel supplying business, legally of course. Simply hire a tanker from someone, buy fuel in SA, deliver in bulk. Get paid.

Groceries & other commodities

Cooking oil, salt, sugar, etc. If you have a way of getting these into Zimbabwe at a reasonable price your can make a good profit. Since these things are now very difficult to find in the shops, it’s easy to make a quick buck by inflating the price. Many have started whole empires based on cooking oil brought in from South Africa.

Alternatives to ZESA

With Frequent power cuts there is always room for alternatives to ZESA business. Gas is now a hot commodity and people are buying it by throngs. Generators are also big business. As are candles. One business to invest in is candle wax and candle making machines.

Hot Meals
People are always hungry and they can never have enough for food. Investing in a food business is a good idea.


Rentals in Zimbabwe have shot up over the last few years. Those with multiple properties are raking it in- in US dollars. Diasporeans have also been buying houses, flats and land with their hard earned US dollars and pounds. The demand for homes is huge. People will always need a roof over their heads.


More and more people are buying cars. When it comes to vehicles and investing you have to be careful because cars are not bought every single day but when they are bought they rack in a lot of cash.

The Stock Market

The Zimbabwe Stock Market has to be the only one in the world where stocks will almost always shoot up in real dollar terms despite the performance of companies. A friend of mine woke up one morning and found that he could suddenly afford a house after a rally on the stock exchange pushed his net wealth up to new realms.

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