Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society offers three main medical aid options. The FLIMAS Family Combo, the FLIMAS Individual Wellness Plan and the FLIMAS Corporate.


Plan Description
The FLIMAS Family Combo This plan covers the principal member, the spouse and a maximum of two children under the age of 18, additional children are covered at an additional cost. This package comes with an added benefit of a hospitalization cash back plan which is paid out if the principal member is hospitalized for more than three days.
FLIMAS Wellness Plan The Wellness Plan is a medical aid card for individuals who want medical aid insurance. It is accepted by doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. The product has five packages to allow you to choose the one that best suits your budget.
FLIMAS Corporate The FLIMAS Corporate is aimed at corporate groups. It has two categories, the Corporate Health Partner and the Corporate Elite.


[/fusion_text][fusion_text]CELL MED HEALTH MEDICAL FUND
This medical aid has six package options, the Customized Medical Aid, the Conventional Medical Aid Cover, the Rent-A-Cell Medical Fund, Reinsurance Cover, Free Funeral Benefit, Premium Waiver.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Plan Description
 Customized Medical Aid  The Customized Medical Aid is a cover that is designed to suit the customers individual needs if the customer identifies certain requirements outside the norm.
 Conventional Medical Aid Cover  The Conventional Medical Aid Cover, this where the customer transferes their medical aid cover to Cellmed for a monthly premium.
 Rent-A-Cell Medical Fund  The Rent-A-Cell Medical Fund, this is a medical aid fund set aside by the customer on behalf of its employees/members and elected beneficiaries. The funds that are set aside belong to the medical fund and not Cellmed who only act as administrators.
 Reinsurance Cover  Cellmed Health medical fund is the only self-funded arrangement that extra protection on its products. Cellmed has the experts that can scientifically structure tailor-made medical solutions for the benefit of any given organization with more cover provided from the reinsurance market.
 Free Funeral Benefit  Cellmed Health Medical Fund provides free Funeral Benefit which is payable on the death of a member. Within the Cell Holdings group structure, there is a funeral assurance Cell Funeral Assurance, which is capable of providing all services to the bereaved member upon payment of the funeral grant. Customers can convert the funeral grant to an equivalence of services available from Cel Funeral which includes Comfort Plan, Modest Plan and Imperial Plan.
 Premium Waiver  The Premium Waiver is an optional cover that the principal member can purchase at an additional cost. If the principal member passes on the surviving dependents are covered for a year at no additional contributions.

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]In addition to this Cellmed also offers benefits that are not found in traditional in the medical aid society, such as baby benefits, premium waiver, cash back, external evacuation and international cover.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]CIMAS Medical Aid
Cimas Medical Society offers five packages, Medexec, Private Hospital, General, Primary and Basicare. Membership is available on application from people in both the formal and informal sector. One can join through their employers account or in the own individual capacity.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Plan Description
 Medexec The Medexec is a premium package suitable for executives and those seeking to align their medical aid package with their status. It offers access to any health institution that includes a private hospital ward.
Private Hospital Plan The Private Hospital package offers access to private health facility in the country. It is popular with high income groups, enterprising individuals and both junior and senior management.
General Package The General package gives access to both private and public health care institutions, public health care institutes covered as well as out patients private facilities.
 Primary Package The Primary package gives access to all public health institutions including private general practitioners as well as private general practitioners.
 Basic Package The Basic package gains one access to public health care institutes for all medical treatements.


[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Premier Services Medical Investments
PSMI is the largest, and most experienced Medical Aid Society in Zimbabwe.  PSMI offers several scheme products and has 10 branches around the country.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Plan Description
 Main Plan
Premier Plan
Pinnacle Plan
Value Plan
Excel Plan
Individual Plan



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