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Sophia Loren once said ” Nothing makes a woman beautiful that the belief that she is beautiful”

Its 2 days before the curtain comes down and the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2016 beauty queen is crowned. The 2016 pageant will be held this Friday at the Harare international conventional centre (HICC)

Two of the beauty queens Audrey Mhungu and Rutendo Taruvinga  have been booted out so far in a boot camp held at Rainbow towers . This was done after they failed to meet the correct requirements of the beauty pageant.Miss Tourism Zimbabwe gives a true ambassador to represent the country, representing the country’s diversity and culture. According to Miss Tourism website one of their aims is to give very girl their dream ,thee pageant seeks to  give an opportunity to talented, eloquent and charismatic girls to step into the limelight and shine.

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe has revolved from Miss carnival to Miss tourism, and it has changed its face and continue to represent the diversity and culture of Zimbabwe. The organisers have signed  a partnership deal with the Study in China Admission System (SICAS) that will see one lucky contestant getting a four-year scholarship to study in China.

According to the miss tourism Zimbabwe Patron Barbara Mzembi “Miss Carnival was rebranded back to Miss Tourism  because we have realized that the term ‘miss carnival’ is being misconstrued and associated with inappropriate dressing of the contestants by the public.

We have noticed that there is a gap between the implications of a ‘carnival’ and the cultural beliefs in Zimbabwe. The name ‘Miss Carnival’ did not really represent the goal of the pageant, which is to find a true tourism ambassador for Zimbabwe.

Although beauty and appearance are key factors, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe contestants do not necessarily have to be tall and slim. All races, backgrounds and shapes are welcome. Our main focus is their ability to represent our beautiful country to the world”

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe ‘s auditions were held this year on the 19th -30 September followed by the Bootcamp which was recently held on the  17th -23 of November ,tomorrow there will be a fundraising dinner dance paving the way for the grand finale where one beauty queen will be crowned Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.

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