Champions Insurance has got you covered with affordable motor vehicle insurance for your peace of mind: Below are options:

Full Third Party

The following liabilities are covered:

Injury or death of third party up to US $2,0000.00

Damage to third party moveable and immovable property, up to US $3000.00

Third party medical expenses

Comprehensive Cover

Covers own damage to your vehicle, theft of its accessories and third party liabilities summarised above. ln response to the changing needs of our valuable clients , our comprehensive insurance includes  the following extensions at an additional premium.

Courtesy car

Comprehensive cover repairs your vehicle and that of the third party but does not provide you with an alternative vehicle to use during the period of repairs to your car. It is this gap which Champions courtesy car insurance bridges by enabling you to obtain another vehicle from approved car hire companies. Cover begins immediately when you submit full documentation of the disablement of your vehicle and ends when you take delivery of your car from repairs.

Roadside Assistance

Champions insurance at an additional cost of $5.00 per month now offers road side assistance in partnership with ROAD ANGELS for the following circumstance’s:

Flat battery

-Towing & recovery

-Tyre change

-Locked in Key Retrieval

-Fuel Delivery


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