By Brighton Ncube

‘Nyembezi’ the play premiered at Theatre in the Park  Harare last week. The one woman play written and directed by Lewis Ndlovu. The play features Sarah Mpofu , it tackles issues affecting the girl child in the society and the problems they face day to day in their lives.

The play is about a young lady by the name ‘Nyembezi’ played by Sarah Mpofu the lady grows up under harsh conditions , she is raped at a tender age and impregnated by her father. Nyembezi then begins another chapter of her life in the city with big lights, many opportunities and believed to have ‘life on  a faster lane’ Harare.

The life in the big city becomes rough and tough for ‘Nyembezi’ speaking to Sarah Mpofu she expressed her view on how women are potrayed by society ” as a woman and of course as a mother i feel young girls and women are still far from being  independent and safe , in society where equal rights are preached little is being done to put this into action”


The role played by Sarah as Nyembezi shows how the society has potrayed women and young girls. “each time i am on stage and the role of Nyembezi takes over in me I wish a spirit of strength to speak out and a message of hope is sent to any victim watching and I always pray there is a sense of remorse in any perpetrator.”


The seasoned actor and producer  also went on to encourage schools  , prisons and various organisations that the play was available for educative entertainment. ” we feel it will also help heal victims give them strenght to speak out, Nyembezi can be anyone your daughter, your son, nephew, niece or neighbour”.

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