My Bulawayo had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi. (BKN) and My Bulawayo (MB)

He had a lot to tell us about Amagugu International heritage Centre.  Amagugu International Heritage Centre (AIHC) is a community oriented cultural centre in Matobo District of Zimbabwe. AIHC organises a variety of cultural, educational and recreational programmes for the public to learn and appreciate different facets of indigenous heritage, history and cultural context

The Centre researches on, documents and promotes tangible and intangible indigenous cultural heritage so as to develop and enrich the consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage and foster respect for cultural identities. AIHC further cultivates cultural exchanges and gives indigenous culture international prominence. Our vision is to be a centre of excellence in the documentation, preservation and promotion of indigenous cultural heritage.

MB. who is Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi?

BKN. i am a curator at Amgugu international Heritage Centre, i participate in cultural activities, i am a Nust Graduate in Masters of Science in Development studies and above all i am a family man

MB.tell us about your experience at YALI.

BKN. it was a transformative experience as an indivivdual coming from Bulawayo to be selected was a source of motivation, it created many networks which are bearing fruit now. in the coming few weeks i will be attending a festival in Botswana due to some of the networks created by YALI. Being in Neywork was a great achievement , stepping on the Broadway street in Newyork was what any Bulawayo born individual would see as a dream come true. connecting with other young people acrossAfrica was a great platform.

MB.tell us about your involvement at Amagugu

BKN. Amagugu is a family enterprise,  i am a curator at amagugu as i have highlighted earlier, i am part of the Arts management , look at fundraising for the institution and the building of the institution.we preserve and promote culture.

MB.what services do you offer at Amagugu?

BKN.  we offer cultural activities where people come and have a greater appreciation of whom they are, we have schools coming, to visit our place, we film in the bush,   you can see young boys hearing cattle and young girls fetching water, we are part of my beautiful home initiative, we do also the annual beverages expo, we have a range of activities which boarder around one thing preserving and promoting our culture.we do nature walks and mountain climbing,

MB.what is your vision as Amagugu?

BKN. we want to be a centre of excellence when it comes to preserving and promoting our culture. we want people to have an appreciation of their culture,

MB.what can one expect from Amagugu?

BKN. they should expect them to get Dirty, well when you at a museum you are told do not touch but when you visit Amagugu you will have an experience, when you see women weavin you are also given something to do, we want our visitors to be intimate with what we do at Amagugu, also with pottery we will make you participate and get experience in any product being made.


MB.what are your charges?

BKN. for school choldren its $2, locals its $5 and for tourists its $10

MB.who is your target market?

BKN. our target market is every citizen inrested in culture and art and in the spirit of reviving ubuntu

MB.are you part of social responsibility as Amagugu?

BKN. Yes actually the whole initiative of Amagugu is about giving back to the citizens of Zimbabwe, and across the world. I am proud to say as Amagugu we created employment for 10 people and being able to teach people culture and give them an experience for a life time is part of giving back not only to the people in Matobo but the entire country.

MB.what are some of the challenges you face as Amagugu?

BKN. we are a self funded institution , the main challenge is getting sponsors and also the area amagugu is there is no cellphone reception and no electricity, though we have come up with alternatives but its a major problem as we cannot talk to clients if we are that side due to lack of cellphone reception.

MB.what are some of the programs you are part of?

BKN. we are part of my beautiful home, Beverages expo, film in the bush do you see amagugu as a start in the revivving of Ubuntu amongst the people of Zimbabwe?

BKN. culture has been changed by technology, people must not change to culture they should continue with the culture they have

MB.are you open to work with organisations from Bulawayo?

BKN. yes certainly we are open to working with every organsiation in the city

MB.thank you for your time sir




Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi

Programs Manager – Amagugu Heritage Trust

2016 Mandela Washington Fellow
+263 773 702 030 +263 712 701 651 +263 773 017 831
Facebook: Amagugu International Heritage Centre
Twitter: @amaguguheritage

Instagram: @amaguguheritage












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