My Bulawayo had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the work done by Chrispen Matsika who operates from a corner stand, at the Bulawayo city Hall, Chrispen is well known for his hand made beads, necklaces, bags, in the city of Bulawayo. He shares his life in the Art and Craft industry. My Bulawayo (MB), and Chrispen Matsika (CM)


MB. one word to describe yourself

CM. Multi -talented




MB.Tell us about the kind of work you do

CM.  I am into the Art and craft industry , I design hand beads, necklaces, and bags, all I can say is I make African Jewellery.I am situated at the Bulawayo city hall, thus where one can find most of my collection.


MB. take us back to the first day you began doing this

CM. I started making African jewellery when I was 9 years, no one taught me this, I never sat down in class to get this skill, I believe It is an inborn talent and skill.


MB. what inspired you to venture into this industry?

CM. Mr Revias Matsika my father inspired most of my work, he is into Sculpture, he has inspired most of what I  do, my work comes from the heart, and I  do it with love. My father began sculpture way back before Independence and he has continued with his wonderful work

MB. what are some of the challenges that you face day to day in this industry?

CM.People are no longer into African jewellery , with this harsh economy people buy basic commodities that will sustain their lives hence our business suffers a lot. Again tourists who used to be a pillar in our business have now resorted to buying such products from South Africa.Tourists only come to take pictures of our work and exhibit.


MB,Is there money in this industry?

CM. In these tough economic situations its just hand to mouth, it was better back then when tourists would come and buy some of our work and actually advertise some of our products to other white people in their countries, but now things have changed but we hope to go back to those times, and we will I promise you.


MB.How did you acquire you capital, that is a question I normally get amazing answers for, how did you start this business,?

CM. That Scania packed there is my capital (laughs) I started pushing the Scania for people carrying their goods from one point to another and then invested the money into My business and look today I am here ,but it started from that scania nad am proud of it , that i never looked for someone to fund my business or sit down at home, and say so and so must give me funding,It all began there my brother.

MB.what will people be suprised to know about you?

CM. I did not go to school for what I do It comes from the head, I am a hairdresser as well



MB.What can you say to the youth out there about the Art and Craft industry?

CM. in this industry there is life, All my money comes from it, and Love what you do and do it with Love

MB.We are in 2017, what can you say are ome of your pipeline goals you want to achieve given resources or not

CM. 2017 is here and  I want to do a workshop in which i teach people  on how to make these bags, hand beads, necklaces and also educate them on the preservation of our culture and heritage.

MB. sell your products to your customers

CM. with just a dollar you can look nice with my handbeads, necklaces, and various African jewellery I have here, just come in and check some of my hand made products, These products represnt you, they define you and make you look nice, fashionable and give you the sense of belonging and style. woza uzozibonela.

MB. wow Am definately buying one as well, thanks for your time sir, It was really inspiring to hear your story and I hope someone will be touched out there and visit your stand.

CM. Thank you so much as well

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