some of the bags designed by Lorraine Ndlovu

some of the bags designed by Lorraine Ndlovu



My Bulawayo had the chance to sit down with one of the best designers in Bulawayo who is making waves in the fashion industry,  well known for her stylish handbags,  Lorraine Sinini Ndlovu  is the owner of a  fashion label dabbed  Sinini Collections. She shares her life story as a designer from Bulawayo.

MB.Who is Sinini ?

LSN. Sinini is Lorraine Ndlovu , born on the  14th of  September 31 years ago, i love creativity, i love designing and i love cooking, am a qualified Chef and i  do catering in and around the City of Bulawayo.


MB. Tell us about your love for designing how did it start?

LSN. I started in 2009, when a friend of mine requested I make a bag for her,  I have always enjoyed altering clothes, sewing and creating anything fashionable and stylish. In 2013 I started  designing  bags full time and I have never looked back till today.


MB. what are some of the challenges you have faced as a designer ?

LSN. the main problem affecting everyone has been the issue of money, lack of finances to acquire resources has been a huge problem, each  business requires capital to buy the material  to make various products , all of my designs have been self funded and this has been the main challenge.


MB. what inspired you to start designing bags?

LSN. as a young child growing up I never loved the bags that were imported and found themselves on any boutique, I believed they did not represent me, or appeal to me, they never said to me buy me, or imagined myself carrying one. I wanted something that I would carry and represent me, hence I started designing bag and the Sinini Collection.


MB. what can we find in Sinini Collection?

LSN. I make small  to big bags depending on the material a client wants, from animal print, leather bags, African fabric I design. the bags go from $8.00 going upwards,also depending on the material that i would have used on that product. To make a small bag it takes me a day and a bigger bag 3days or a week.


MB.apart form designing bags what does Sinini do?

LSN. I am a qualified Chef, I do catering around the city, I love cooking. I do it from the heart.

MB. How has been your collection received?

LSN. People love the bags, i have received orders from People around Bulawayo and even Beyond, the response has been overwhelming and people are loving local made bags tailor made to represent them and suit their personality.



MB. your target market?

LSN. my bags are carried by everyone regardless of age and gender, Hence my target market is the entire population, I make fashionable  satchels for school children, I do laptop bags for the university students, and also for the working class, Women carry my hand bags, and all i can say is Everyone is my target.


MB.What can you say to the young designer  who aspires to own a fashion label like you?

LSN. Follow your heart and if it makes you happy go for it and never look back.

MB. finally sell your product to the people?

LSN. Sinini Collection has a wide range of bags for the young to the old, for women and men, My bags make you feel presentable, they speak to anyone in terms of attraction, they are unique, its a compilation of innovation ,creativity and style. They are different from other bags, they last long and above all they are the best bags to carry.


MB. Thank you for your time

LSN. thank you so much as well


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