The wedding season has kick started in the City of Kings and Queens. Weddings are one of the sweetest events to attend because they are all about a celebration of love of couples that are committed to each other and are making the next step of being married. Over the years, weddings have evolved from simple to extravagant events. YES some are whooping 20K. Do be classy and consider these five things when you finally get that glossy paper beginning with the words you are cordially invited to witness the wedding of who and who. They say their vows in front of God, their families and friends. If you have been invited to any wedding this December you have to consider these five things;

In the context of social invitations, RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person or people. It is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît, literally “Reply if you please” or “Please reply”. It is important to let the couple know that you are coming or not so that they can work with the budget of the people that will be attending their wedding.

Tip: RSVP has become a necessity, contact the people that will be charge of the RSVP. Do not just pitch up as a wedding guest as in a split of a second you will become a wedding crasher. Gifts

It is proper etiquette to buy the couple something. Know the wedding etiquette of gift buying, most people get this wrong. If you do not like the present, do not buy it. Make an effort to buy something nice that the couple will like. If you are not close, try and find out what the couple likes.

Tip: It can be tempted to buy the cheap glasses from the China shops. You do not want to be the reason why the bride cries just after her wedding. Also do not buy kitchenware, there is a reason why the maid of honor threw the bride a kitchen tea party.

The dress code.
Weddings always give people a reason to dress up and shop because everyone wants to look their best. Whether you are buying a complete new outfit or you will combine the old and the new, you should never make the mistake of wearing wedding colors if you are not part of the bridal team or related to the bride or groom. You have to look your absolute best, because the only memories the bride and groom will have is of the photos and their video. If there is a dress code please do follow it as there is reason why it’s there

1. Never wear all black to a wedding, it’s just too dark and gloomy rather opt for neutral and bright colors instead
2. Buy a descent outfit, I know it can be tempting to want to look wow but keep it subtle so that you do not over shadow the bride. It’s her big day, so let her shine and have the spotlight
3. Do not wear wedding décor colors, you are not part of the decor

Make up
Try to be as natural as possible. Make up is supposed to enhance your beauty and not make you look like someone totally different. However never leave the house without applying mascara and lipstick. These usually last the whole day and you will be looking on point if you do your make up right.

Tip: Do your make up right, if you can’t, ask someone who can, you do not want to show up at a wedding looking like a clown, do you now?

Do not be mean
You never know who you will be sitting next to at the wedding. If you are a guest, try and bear with whatever is there and make the best out of the wedding. Manners and an etiquette are very important in every place more so a wedding. If you don’t like something at the wedding do keep it to yourself. It’s not your wedding day so your preferences don’t count for the next 6 hours. It’s the bride’s big day, so be a good sport and smile. You are a wedding guest and not the fashion police or the judge of four weddings or the wedding critic. So it’s not nice keep it to yourself. It’s that simple.

And most importantly have fun and dance, after all what is a wedding but a celebration between family and friend

Imelda the Fashionista

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