By Clarence Dube

Trends play a major part to how we live our lives these days. A trend is what is hip or popular at a certain point in time. A trend can be in any area of our lives and is not limited to entertainment, fashion and Twitter. There can be a trend in the stock markets, a trend in how a certain group of people behave and so on.
Trends have always been there but back in the day it took people a while to adjust to the trend all at once. This was due to communication, most people would see a new hairstyle in a magazine and take a liking to it. One or two people would put the hairstyle on but it will take a while for everyone to join in on the trend. This is because there was no universal means of communication like the internet.
The advent of the internet and social media has made it possible for people to adjust to a trend much faster than before. The year 2015 was coined as Gore redzidzo which means a year of learning. This became a popular trend on social media all because of someone who used a WhatsApp video to start this trend. People in churches, ministers in meetings and children in schools would all refer to 2015 as Gore redzidzo all because of a WhatsApp message.
The people who start these trends are called trend setters, these are people who are responsible for creating a new fashion and popularising it. An example of a trend setter is Oskido who created the home coming event which take place every December. He started his trend and he has made it popular amongst people of Bulawayo but promoting it using the internet.
The advent of the internet has made it possible for the youths to start their own trends and make money out of it. As young people this is our chance to capitalise on social media and make money. For those who can design you can but t shirts and design a cool label and promote it on social media until it becomes a trend. That was just one idea but there are many more ideas out there, look around you and let’s create trends bantu bakithi.

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